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TERRIBLE: The Pain Of Sharing My Husband With My Toxic Mother And Surviving a Pastor From Hell

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Mary Namboozo, a 32-year-old woman from Mbale, has endured a life of pain and suffering at the hands of her husband, her mother, and her pastor.

She has been beaten, humiliated, and betrayed by the people who were supposed to love and protect her. She has also been shunned and slandered by her church, who accused her of being a prostitute and a sinner. She has finally managed to escape from her abusers and start a new life, but the scars of her past still haunt her.

Mary’s ordeal began when she was 18 years old, and she married her childhood sweetheart, John Gidudu. She thought he was the man of her dreams, and she was happy to start a family with him.

However, she soon discovered that he was a violent and abusive man, who would beat her with anything he could find, such as a hair tong, an iron box, or a belt. He would also cheat on her with other women, and even with her own mother, who had moved in with them after her father died.

“My husband and my mother would sleep together in our bed, while I slept on the floor. They would mock me and call me names. They would tell me that I was worthless and ugly, and that no one else would want me. They would also take all the money I earned from selling vegetables, and spend it on alcohol and drugs. They made my life a living hell,” Mary said.



Mary’s situation worsened when she joined a church that was led by a self-proclaimed prophet, who called himself Pastor James. She hoped to find solace and support from the church, but instead, she found more abuse and exploitation.

Pastor James claimed that he had a special connection with God, and that he could perform miracles and heal people. He also claimed that he had the authority to decide who could marry whom, and who could divorce whom.

“He told me that my husband was possessed by a demon, and that he needed to exorcise him. He said that he would do it for free, but that I had to give him my body in return. He said that it was God’s will, and that I had to obey him. He raped me several times, and he threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone,” Mary said.

Mary became pregnant with Pastor James’ child, but he denied that he was the father. He accused her of being a prostitute, and of sleeping with other men in the church. He spread rumors about her, and turned the congregation against her. He also told her husband that she was unfaithful, and that he should divorce her.

“My husband believed him, and he beat me even more. He kicked me in the stomach, and I suffered a miscarriage. He then threw me out of the house, and told me to never come back. He said that he would marry my mother, and that they would take everything I had. I was left with nothing, and no one to help me,” Mary said.

Mary was homeless and hopeless, but she did not give up. She found work doing casual jobs, such as washing clothes, cleaning houses, and cooking food.

She saved enough money to rent a small room, and to buy some clothes and shoes. She also joined a different church, where she met some kind and compassionate people, who helped her heal and recover.




“I have forgiven my husband, my mother, and my pastor, but I have not forgotten what they did to me. They robbed me of my dignity, my happiness, and my dreams. They almost killed me, but they did not break me. I am still alive, and I am still fighting. I have a new life, and a new hope. I have learned to love myself, and to trust God. He has a plan for me, and he will never leave me nor forsake me,” Mary said.

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