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HE NEVER SHOWED UP: Woman Who Borrowed Boyfriend Money For Kukyala In Tears As He Disappears

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Imagine we had cooked, prepared the venue at home, bought a lot of eats and drinks and prepared everything. None of his relatives showed up. His phone is still off until now, two weeks later.

A Kenyan woman has taken to social media to share how heartbroken she is after she assisted her boyfriend in preparing for dowry negotiations, only for him to vanish. Identified as Joy, the woman disclosed how she forked out a whopping KSh 900,000 to help her man, who was not very stable, to organise her ruracio.

“Our plans to get married were moving fast and everything was on course. We had already been formally introduced, and what remained was the traditional ceremony. We had planned that I give him the money from my savings. He had lost his job and I was very okay to support him. However, after I gave him the cash he vanished. On the day his relatives were supposed to come, nobody showed up.

“Imagine we had cooked, prepared the venue, bought muratina and prepared the dancers. Whuue, his uncles never showed up. His phone was off until now, two weeks later. I was informed that he was spotted in Mombasa partying. That is how I was conned in the name of love. This man has finished me,” Joy narrated.Her post attracted lots of reactions, some people sympathising with her while others mocked her for helping a man pay dowry.

“Sorry sister, it will be fine. You will heal. It is better he showed his colours at this stage and not in the future after marriage when you would have discovered his true identity,” one netizen said. “Never help a man who has not married you. Only give him your money if he has put a ring on it. When will women learn?” another one said.

However, one comment that stood out was that of a man called Riziki, who works in Australia. Riziki disclosed how he punished his relative who conned him KSh 3 million he was sending back home to buy land and build a house. The man narrated how Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248 helped him recover his money.

“My sister, I know how to deal with such. My uncle, the man I trusted so much, betrayed me after I moved to Australia. I trusted him. I used to send him money. On top of that, I entrusted him to buy me a plot of land and also build me a house.

After 5 years, all I found was a heap of sand and ballast. Instead of buying me land, he poured the material into his compound and said that he had given me that piece. I went to court, but the process was difficult. While looking for a solution, that is when I met Mugwenu Doctors. They influenced my case in court, and it was successful. The judge declared that my uncle’s land in Nakuru be auctioned to the value of KSh 6 million and that is how I got my money back,” Riziki said.

“Try Mugwenu Doctors, you will never regret. They helped me recover my property. They made the thieves come begging for forgiveness after being struck by painful paralysis,” she wrote.

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