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DRAMA: Famous City Pastor Now Has Three Wives Claiming God Allows It

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A Nakuru pastor has sparked a heated debate on social media after he publicly introduced his three wives and claimed that God allows polygamy. Pastor John Mwangi, who leads the Faithful Gospel Church in Nakuru town, said he married his first wife in 1996, his second wife in 2004, and his third wife in 2018. He said he has 11 children with his three wives and he loves them equally.

Pastor Mwangi said he decided to parade his wives to the public after he was accused of having extramarital affairs by some of his church members. He said he wanted to clear his name and prove that he was not cheating on his wives. He also said he wanted to encourage other men to embrace polygamy and stop hiding their other wives.

“God created many women and he gave them to men. There is nowhere in the Bible where God prohibits polygamy. Actually, polygamy is a blessing from God and it helps to reduce cases of adultery, divorce, and single motherhood. I urge all men to follow my example and marry as many wives as they can afford. And I urge all women to accept polygamy and share their husbands peacefully,” Pastor Mwangi said.

However, his bold move did not go down well with many Kenyans who took to social media to express their outrage and disbelief. Some accused him of being a false prophet who was misleading his followers and misinterpreting the Bible. Others questioned his moral authority and credibility as a religious leader. And others mocked him and his wives for being foolish and desperate.

“Hapa tunachezwa, si fair. How can a pastor have three wives and claim to be a man of God? He is a hypocrite and a liar who is using religion to justify his lust and greed. He should repent and seek forgiveness from God and his wives. He is setting a bad example for his children and his congregation,” one user commented.

“This is madness. How can a woman agree to share her husband with two other women? How can she be happy and satisfied in such a situation? She is only hurting herself and her dignity. She should respect herself and leave that man. She deserves better than being a co-wife,” another user wrote.

“This is comedy. This pastor and his wives are just looking for attention and fame. They are not serious. They are just making fun of marriage and God. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are a disgrace to the society and the church,” another user added.

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