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Drama As Two Pastors Are Caught Red-Handed With One Woman

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A dramatic scene unfolded in Nairobi’s central business district earlier this week when two pastors were busted enjoying one woman in a hotel room. The woman, identified as Mary Wanganangu, was the wife of John Warutere, a businessman from Nakuru.

According to Warutere, he had been suspecting his wife of cheating on him for a long time, but he had no proof.

He said that their marriage was on the verge of collapse, and he was desperate to save it. He decided to seek help from Mugwenu Doctors, a group of traditional and herbalist healers who offer solutions for any problem.

He narrated to Mugwenu Doctors how his wife had changed her behavior, and how she was always on the phone with unknown people. He said that she had lost interest in him, and that she was spending more money than usual. He pleaded with Mugwenu Doctors to help him restore his marriage and love.

Mugwenu Doctors agreed to help him, and they prayed for him, blessed him using salt and water, and performed a marriage and love spell on him and his wife. They assured him that his wife would come back to him, and that their marriage would be stronger than ever. But they also gave him one condition: his wife must be taught a lesson that would remain in her heart.

They told him to wait for a few days, and he would see the results. They also gave him a tracking device that would show him the location of his wife at any time. On Wednesday, Warutere checked the device, and he was shocked to see that his wife was in Nairobi, at a hotel near the city hall.

He decided to follow her, and he was accompanied by some journalists who had heard about his story. When they arrived at the hotel, they asked for the room number of his wife, and they stormed into it.

They were greeted by a shocking sight: his wife was in bed with two men, who turned out to be pastors from different churches. The pastors were wearing their clerical collars, and they had Bibles on the bedside table.

The journalists captured the scene on camera, and they confronted the pastors and the woman. The pastors tried to deny their involvement, and they claimed that they were there to pray for the woman. The woman also tried to defend herself, and she said that she was not cheating on her husband, but she was seeking spiritual guidance.

But Warutere was not convinced, and he accused them of adultery and hypocrisy. He said that they had betrayed him, his wife, and God. He said that he had trusted his wife, and he had respected the pastors, but they had taken advantage of him.

He said that he was glad that Mugwenu Doctors had exposed them, and that he hoped that they would learn their lesson. He also thanked Mugwenu Doctors for saving his marriage, and he said that he still loved his wife, and he was willing to forgive her.

He said that he hoped that his wife would also love him back, and that they would work on their issues. He said that he believed that Mugwenu Doctors had given them a second chance, and that they would not waste it.

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