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SEX FOR MARKS: Top Museveni Minister Reveals How She Survived Being Chewed By Horny Makerere University Lecturer

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The issue of Sex for marks remains a disturbing development and experience for every students at University, this is not only persistent in public universities and institutions but also in private tertiary institutions where lecturers chew students in order for them to pass their course units with high marks.

Some have been reported and punished especially at Makerere University but the vice continue spreading like wild fire since the practice is only between an adult male lecturer and another above 18 consenting adult who is coerced into shaking the bed with the lecturer for fear of landing into retakes.


Some lecturers have been exposed in WhatsApp, text and audio leaks while pestering students for sex, a one Swizen Kyomuhendo, a political science lecturer was fired from Makerere University for trying to extort sex from one of his students. Luck ran out of his way and he was exposed hence being fired.

Now in a chilling confession in an exclusive interview with NBS Tv, one of Museveni’s most trusted minister and Scientist Dr Monica Musenero has revealed that things of sex for marks didn’t start yesterday, it started way back even when she was still a student at Uganda’s old university.

Musenero who is a minister for science and innovation reveals that while at the hill, she also one time encountered a lecturer who wanted to chew her so that she passes his papers without hesitation or fears of retakes.

It was however shocking to the lecturer that the defiant Musenero boldly told him that if he dares failing because she refused to give him the beans, he would regret taking such a risky venture because she couldn’t be threatened just like that.

“On the issue of Sex for Marks: It started way back, Personally one of the lecturers told; you know i have the power to fail you? I told him not to dare because everybody would try finding out why i had failed his subject. After all, I was going to pass other subjects and failed his which would start on investigation”-Musenero says.

Many lecturers use this chance to extort sex from the gullible students because they sit in powerful positions to decide whether the students fail or pass. Those who refuse to sleep with the lecturers end up being given retakes and normally miss graduation until they re-sit such papers.

“Being in a teaching position at the university, you had a lot of power. We had lecturers who swore that if a girl didn’t sleep with them, they would never graduate”-Musenero reveals.

Now after the Sex for marks, there’s another vice propping up of students bribing lecturers to give them marks. This has been reported in several universities both private and public. Law Development Centre last year called for investigation into the first class degrees of students who come from different universities with good marks but end up failing pre-entry exams to pursue their Diploma in legal practice.

Musenero herself is one of Museveni’s highly educated ministers and she’s a veterinarian, microbiologist and epidemiologist. She serves as a consultant epidemiologist to the government of Uganda and also separately serves as Museveni’s advisor on epidemics and pandemics.

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