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See The Strange Thing That Has Happened To These Cheating Couples

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In a world where social media is the easiest method of communication that people find quick to use. Despite social media improving communication, it has also come along with many side effects that have left marriages and couples in tears with others splitting.

This is because couples and even those cheating do use social media to communicate secretly to their secret lovers and side chics and boy friends. It’s through this that they even make appointments of chewing and bonking themselves tubeless in nonstop kwepiicha marathons.

Any woman or man in love can feel hurt when their partners go out there on a rampage of cheating and if they do love them, they would do whatever they can put things to normal. In this, some seek divine intervention from the Lord while others seek quick methods that lead to their cheating partners to come back to them or even get caught.

This is exactly what a man we shall only name Masaba did to his cheating wife who would go on a rampage cheating on him in one of the lodges in Mbale, Namatala village. Masaba confides to this publication that after finding out his wife he told us that she’s Janepher was cheating on his with a chappati maker, he found a solution to this.

“After knowing that these people were meeting secretly every Thursday evening, i made sure i end this madness with immediate effect, so my friend gave me a contact of some traditional herbalist whom i called and he told him he’s in Majengo in Vihiga county Kenya, i went there, he gave me medicine which i came back and used how he told me and the rest is history”-Masaba says

According to Masaba, after using his local herbs on Wednesday he wait to see the results which came back with positive results, his wife landed in trouble as the cheater stuck in her sumbie while enjoying kwepiicha sessions at Tripple Zero Guest House in Namatala in Mbale and all their efforts to unstuck themselves yielded no fruit until her husband was called in to help them.

Masaba who started by warning his wife that he has always known her secret dealings immediately pulled out medicine from his pocket which he smeared on them and they got unstuck and each walked a separate path and his wife despite the shame walked with him back home vowing never to cheat again.

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