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Prominent City Pastor Exposed Over Fake Miracles, Shocking Details Revealed

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In our third exposee, a very prominent city pastor is on the blink of collapse after one of his employees revealed what they do to remain in business. From collecting millions in church offertory to faking miracles.

According to this employee of this prominent pastor, they are told to do certain things every morning as they go to prepare church for lunch hour fellowship. They’re always busy every day and only rest on Saturday since that day there’s no fellowship but the pastor is always engaged in counselling sessions.

Jackson is the guy who has shared shocking information about a ring that their pastor wears on his left middle finger and when he points at some one in th congregation they would probably fall down and start crawling.

According to Jackson, who has heard his boss severally speaking on phone got this magic ring and powers from Kenya in a place called Majengo in Vihiga country where a traditional healer took him through several rituals to be powerful. He heard him give out the number to another pastor who is also starting a church.

The number he shared was +254 740 637248 and you can also try it to get your own powers.

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