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NRM LIBERATION DAY: Busoga Leaders Should Stop The Ego, Unite And From Busoga Problems To The President

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“All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.” This is one of the sayings president Museveni put in mind while heading to the bushes of Luwero to liberate this beautiful country.

Ahead of the forthcoming NRA/NRM liberation day celebrations which is gazetted and celebrated as a public holiday on the 26th of January every year, Busoga Leaders and other stake holders in the region are busy in preparations on how to host the president and other dignitaries.

To a great shock but a usual custom, some Busoga ministers have already started their games of trying to show how big and influential they are both to the people and the president, instead of fronting the common man’s agenda of the biting challenges to the president.

For example, some have started circulating the unfortunate barbaric propaganda through social media and other channels that they have successfully “lobbied” the liberation day for Busoga to get cheap popularity from the masses targeting favours in 2026 elections. Still another minister, while being hosted at one of the Jinja based radio stations was heard saying that even “prostitutes” are going to benefit from the liberation day since the visitors coming from far will buy them. “Kitalo” .This is very unfortunate given the huge challenges the region faces.

A region which boasted of a sounding economy particularly between 1920-1970 has been reduced a mere sham and fodder for redicule. we are currently identified with a new empirical foundation of jiggers and chapati making.

Busoga is currently ranked among the poorest regions in the country. Majority of the people in Busoga can hardly afford two meals a day. This is coupled by numerous bitting challenges of poor education standards, poor health sector, poor roads, decline in the agriculture sector but most importantly our leaders are doing nothing to block the infamous sugar bill which is going to completely break down our sugar cane farmers who have been minting a lot of money from the sector of late.

Our leaders, who need to unite and form a critical mass  on how to go about the values of an inter generation with much enthusiasm to over turn the misfortunes we are undergoing and overcome the unimaginable stereotype obstacles, most of them are strategizing on how to use the event to lobby for Government Positions as well as get clients for their hotels and other related businesses/ deals.

From the Patriotic generation of leaders like Mathias Ngobi, Luwuliza Kirunda, Sir WW. Nadiope, Bishop Bamwoze, etc, Busoga switched to a society that treasures rewards of negligent opportunism— taking advantage of opportunities to serve oneself without regard for its possible negative consequences.

A Busoga society where leaders have done decent jobs, doing honest work while adding positive value to society throughout their principled careers was lost three decades ago. Doing dishonest work while causing more social harm than good throughout unprincipled careers has dominated the current trend of our sons and daughters in influential offices.

The most unfortunate part of it is that the more comfortable a person is with abandoning principles, the more likely that person will rise to the highest ranks in government.  For this reason, it is often the dishonest, indecent and unprincipled members of society who occupy the more influential positions and receive greatest financial reward at the extent of millions of people.

And to buffer themselves from their own consciences, they adjust their moral judgments in a process psychologists call moral disengagement, or moral distancing.  They find ways to rationalize their negligently harmful behaviors in order to protect their self-images and maintain their self-esteem.  And they surround themselves with like-minded people who, wearing their own self-deluding masks, reinforce their cultures of distorted beliefs and harmful values.

The writer, George Mubiru, is a Jinja based researcher and NRM mobilizer.

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