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Museveni Warns ‘Bogus Opposition’ As Man Claims NUP Abduct Ugandans

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Today the National Resistance Movement celebrated 38 years since it came in power. The NRA ran over Kampala and finally ousted the then sitting government and has consolidated itself in power. Despite organizing elections, opposition has said Museveni has been stealing their victory.

The celebrations of the NRM Liberation day took place in Jinja City, Northern Division at St. John’s Wakitaka SS play ground. The event was graced by several government and top NRM bosses under the theme: “Building a Country We All Cherish”.


In a chilling confession however, a man identified as Moses Simbwa was paraded at the celebration claiming to have been used by the opposition to lie that he was tortured by the government yet he got an accident. Simbwa went ahead and even apologized to Museveni for lying about his government.

I am here mama [Milly Babalanda] brought me, i had spent three years in hiding but in the long run my foot was rotting and i decided to come to say the truth and you forgive me. Mr president, these guys of the opposition, they use us like rebels. Mr president i will tell you everything if you grant me audience to speak to you”-Simbwa says as Museveni is seen clapping for him.

“I am the youth who was paraded and to be taken across the world to testify that Museveni government tortures people. I will also testify because i know everything that the people in opposition do. I also ask security which will help me to keep me because what am saying even journalists are seeing these things and i don’t know what’s next, if this is my WILL, let it be because when we come to you and say these things, the guys on opposition kill us and they claim government has killed us. So Mr. President the drones you see which abduct Ugandans are operated by opposition”-Simbwa further says.

While addressing the gathering at the celebration, Museveni says he and in security know the things Simbwa was speaking about and very soon they will expose those bogus people they call opposition. He further says they go to European countries and speak ill about his government.

“We in the security system know of what Simbwa Moses was taking about and at the right time we are going to expose those bogus groups which they call opposition. They go talk with Europeans to see how to force Uganda to be a puppet of foreign interest. They do this in other countries but they don’t know how strong the NRM is”-said Museveni

This is not the first time torture victims are coming out to claim opposition tortures and abducts them with drones. In March 2023, a NUP torture victim who had said that he was abducted by the army in a drone later changed his mind and was seen at the UPDF headquarters in Mbuya with the Army Spokesperson Brig Felix Kuyaigye claiming he was not tortured by the army but instead it’s NUP which abducted and tortured him.

Despite such a chilling confession by Mwesigwa Eric, the army has never made any arrests and question any NUP boss about torturing. He was instead later seen claiming the army never paid him what they promised him.

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