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DEAR EDITOR: Ugandans Ought To Be Grateful Of The NAM summit

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Dear Ultimate Editor,

Ugandans regardless of political affiliation need to be grateful that the NAM meeting of all these nations is here in Uganda.

It’s absurd to hear other Ugandans want to cause trouble and commotion in the city. They’re things which fellow Ugandans should agree upon that the NRM government has tried so much to work for this country.
Those who hate the president hate him because of his being lenient, fatherly and so democratic. Too much of anything becomes dangerous so the freedom of speech and association has resulted into some Ugandans turning into being enemies of their nation and have become agents of foreigners because of financial reasons.
Some of us grew up during Obote 1, Idi Amin dada, Professor Kironde Lule government of 68 days, QC Lukongwa Binaisa and then Obote 2 and General Tito Okello Lutwa and Baziriyo Olala Junta.
During the eras and reign of the mentioned governments, Uganda was like an abuse around the world and it used to be said especially during Idi Amin era that God forgot Uganda and the Ugandan file wasn’t even available in heaven!
Now Museveni has restored the dignity and integrity of Uganda some friends think are better leaders than him. It’s time fellow Ugandans we discern those who want to bring chaos again.
Democracy takes long to mature and western countries wo want us to change government every five years started longtime ago to have what they have today. They struggled and fought for many years to achieve what they enjoy today just as Uganda nearly spent 40 or 50 yrs fighting and killing and deposing each other until NRM came in 1986.
I pray politicians from the opposition do what Mao leader of DP and Akena leader of UPC have done to work with NRM for peace, development and prosperity.
God Bless The Readers.
Bishop Patrick Baligasima
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