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TOP STORY: Famous East African President Says Homosexuals Should Be ‘Stoned To Death’

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Uganda this year 2023 re-introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 which president has since signed into law and despite external pressure to not make it law on the land. Andrew Mwenda and Fox Odoi along side some other individuals ran to the constitutional court to have the law quashed like they did in 2014.

Court has heard their submissions together with those of the respondents who are the Attorney General and Pastor Martin Sempa and the court bench led by deputy Chief Justice Richard Butera will soon give a verdict on whether it stays put or repeat what it did in 2014 if t finds loopholes in the law that the west has described as harsh and bad.


President Museveni whose is government is already facing the consequences of passing the law like suspension of the World bank funding to Uganda, suspension from America’s lucrative AGOA forum, travel restrictions imposed to some government bosses notably prison chief Johnson Byabashaija among other punishments in the offing as a result of trying to save the institution of marriage, the culture and norms remains strong on his stance for homosexuality.

Through several agencies, several western countries including the US, German, Britain, Belgium, Sweden among others support several government projects of Education, Defence, Agriculture, Health among others not only in Uganda and across the continent and in turn, these want African countries to dance to their tunes of welcoming and accepting things like homosexuality in the name of human rights which many Africans deem wrong.

In the news, another East African president has suggested that homosexuals in his country should be arraigned in a stadium and stoned to death. This president who is an adent catholic faithful says powerful nations in the west should keep their aid if it comes with an obligation to give rights to homosexuals.

President Evariste Ndayishimiye of Burundi who was responding to a reporter’s questions about external pressure from Western countries for LGBT rights to be respected at a press conference used a Bible reference to say that God was opposed to homosexuality adding that it was no longer an issue in his country Burundi.

“If you want to choose Satan now go nd live those countries [in the west] and I think those who strive to go there want to acquire those habits, they should remain there and never bring them to us”- the president said

In Burundi homosexual is illegal ad punishable to almost two years in jail unlike and several of the LGBTQ people have been convicted and served their sentence. The vice is disallowed in more than 30 African countries who have remained determined to preserve their culture.

“For me, I think that if we find these people in Burundi they should be taken to stadiums and be stoned, and doing so would not be a crime”- he said before suggesting that homosexuality was like choosing between Satan and God.

Source: BBC

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