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PAUL MUGOYA: Corruption On Industrial Scale

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With corruption reaching an industrial scale with impunity, service delivery in Uganda is likely to collapse. Laws in Uganda are very weak to fight corruption.The Courts of Judicature too bureaucratic. Too much paper work to get evidence. There is need for a Judicial review to enable the establishment of an Express Anti corruption Court to clear away the backlog in the same Courts and to act as a deterrence in the fight against thieving of money paid by a poor tax payer.

Tax collected by government is being wasted by the same government. There is a tendency of creating unnecessary job duplications for purposes of political patronage to appease and reward political supporters. This is another form of corruption on a grand scale. The creation of unproductive jobs is another way siphoning out money from Treasury Basket. This explains how corruption has become sophisticated.

There is no political will from the government to touch the bigwigs, political supporters or smart thieves. All this blame goes to President Museveni for handling his friends who have become a liability to this nation with kid gloves. These people who are very close to him are the very ones involved in grabbing land as he himself has attested that people in State House are involved in land grabbing. The enemy is usually not from far but enemy is always from within.

The President has to retrace his revolutionary roots if he has to stamp out corruption. In the earlier times as Cadres, there was ‘Akuna Mucheso’ on corruption tendencies. We viewed such people as enemies of the people and the revolution. If the President has the will to fight corruption, let him establish Peoples Anti Corruption Committees under his protection at all government structures.This is a mass crusade which needs people’s involvement. These people will act as appointed whistleblowers.

My appeal to Ugandans to condemn individuals and wake up to learn to blacklist the names of people who are stealing taxpayers money that has crippled economic growth and retarded development in our country. The issue of presenting unending supplementary is another form of mega corruption.

Poor Ugandan taxpayers and good investors are exploited to sustain an opulent lifestyle of a few people at the expense of the country. It is very unfortunate, the grand corruption is happening under the watch of President Museveni. Very sad indeed and embarrassing.

NRM has to sit and sought out this mess. This is steadily killing the meaning of the Revolution. There are many embarrassing incidences happening.
1. The Lubowa Specialized Hopital.
2. The huge delegation to the UN General Assembly. 3. The gigantic delegation to the COP conference of 600 people.
4.The unending request of Supplementary budgets.

Paul Polly Mugoya,

The Writer Is a FRONASA Veteran and Concerned Citizen.

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