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Nebbi Bishop Denounces Corrupt Leaders

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By Mike Rwothomio and Lee Ofoymungu
In Uganda, news about leaders swindling resources meant for the common man has become normal. Corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain erodes trust, weakens democracy, hampers economic development, exacerbates inequality, poverty, social division and the environmental crisis.
Corruption continue relentlessly  notwithstanding the government’s effort in ensuring it’s populace benefit from services being provided out of the tax payer   hard earned cash. A recent survey conducted by inspectorate of Government indicates that annually, Uganda loses 20 trillion shillings through corruption.
In greater Nebbi, media has always been flooded with reports about leaders stealing drugs from Public health Facilities, swindling or diverting  funds meant for the public, failing to account for projects, exaggerating figures amongst others.

In his Christmas Message at Stephen Cathedral Goli on December 25, The Bishop of Nebbi church of Uganda Rt Rev Pons Ozelle Awinju  denounced  rampant corruption amongst leaders adding that it is setting back development in the area.

He  said Government of Uganda is doing it’s best to steer the country’s economy full speed ahead but the rooted corruption amongst leaders  is to blame for the setbacks.
The Bishop who visited Asian Country of  Singapore recently  pegged  the souring, flying and progressing  economy of  that  country with only 5 million people to  zero corruption. The Asian nation of  Singapore gained it’s independence in 1965, three years after Uganda’s independence from the British rule.
He therefore calls  for mindset change amongst leaders in the area such that Alur Sub-region  and the entire nation can develop with effect from next year.
The woman MP of Nebbi district Agnes Acibu  during a Thanksgiving prayers for Nebbi District local government last week at Nebbi District headquarters said “we  should have  the people we  serve at heart in execution of our duties”.
She also called for better coordination  between leaders from District to local level to champion prosperity and development in Nebbi. According to activists , Exposing corruption and holding the corrupt to account can only happen if everyone  understand the way corruption works and the systems that enable it.
This year, a peculiar move by government of Uganda has seen the movers and shakers in the country including ministers tasting prison life after they were implicated in the Karamoja Iron sheets scandal.
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in his string of speeches has been vociferous against corruption by leaders. Most Ugandan  political and economic analysts attributes the country’s staggering and bulging public debt to deep seated corruption by leaders.
Michael Atingi-Ego, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda told Parliament that as of August 2023, provisional data indicates that total debt stock stood at staggering UGX88.807tn, representing a 2.8% increase compared to June 2023, with the rise in debt primarily driven by a 19.1% increase in domestic debt.
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