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I WANTED TO CONFIRM: Ugandan Female MP wins Over 200 million from Sports betting

A Ugandan female lawmaker has won over 200 million from sports betting after taking a risk to confirm if one can win a lot in sports betting.

The MP, whose identity has been concealed revealed that she has been reading stories of people winning money from fixed games, and mostly one from her district who won over 100 million.

“I read a story of someone who won over 100 million from my constituency, I looked for him physically, I met him at my office, I asked if what I was reading was true, and he told me yes. I asked him how he got into it and how I could confirm, he told me to search for Uganda Bettors Association, I went to the site, contacted them, and made my payment for fixed games two days later, I received the game with instructions, put a lot of money and after 90 minutes, I received my winnings,” she narrated.

She adds that these games if they are consistent can help anyone who wishes to make good business out of these games.

There have been trending stories of how this association has helped so many gamblers, mostly those who lost a lot in one of the biggest scams Uganda has ever seen, BLQ!

They simply provide betting tips and fixed games to all their members to get relief in life!

Their Fixed games are within East Africa where they are able to source compared to others who claim to be having European games which are impossible to access. According to UBA, the European games can never be bought unless you’re the owner of the club because a player for example in Europe earns more than $100,000 which is over 300 million Ugandan money, how much will you pay that player, and yet you need more than 5 players for a game to be fixed.

Anyone interested should visit their website here

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