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CHRISTMAS DAY FIASCO: Amongi Supporters Chased From Rwakitura, State House Says They’re Just Coronavirus Carriers

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Having travelled in 10 buses from Lira City, hundreds of ordinary voters and mobilizers who feel that Betty Amongi is very good and deserves to become the next Lira City Woman MP got facilitated to storm Rwakitura and ambush the President to demand that he endorses their woman Amongi. They had been lied to that state house had granted an appointment for them to come and spend Xmas with Mzee. They had been deceived that H.E would attend Rushere Church and later on have lunch with them.

Parked in their 10 buses, they spent the night of 24th December sleeping in the same buses while easing themselves in Rwakitura people’s plantations and in the morning, they tried to ambush and waylay the big man as he travelled to Church at Rushere.

Security pounced on them and gave them serious kibokos for trying to infect the big man with Coronavirus which he fears very much. Even when COVID is nolonger the big problem it used to be, President M7 demands that whoever comes to meet him must have been tested by his own medical teams before that man or woman is allowed to come near him.

In their case, the Amongi supporters from Lira City and much of Lango breached all those procedural requirements and just stormed Mzee’s village demanding that he must see them which isn’t how it works. The ordinary voters were seen by Rwakitura residents struggling to get where to ease themselves from besides crying of hunger, exhaustion and starvation.

Inside sources of Rwakitura say that M7 in advance knew everything and how they were mobilised to travel to Rwakitura to demonstrate before him how Amongi has a lot of support for the Lira City woman MP seat. He decided he won’t give them any audience because he doesn’t like kamanyiro of people forcing themselves into his village without appointment besides the COVID19-related fears.

First Family members and his own security handlers had all advised the President not to meet these very smelly, hungry and angry cadres from Lango so that a clear deterrence message is sent out for others to know and realise that no Minister can ever blackmail the President into meeting his or her supporters without appointment.

This Tuesday early morning of boxing day 26th December, the President’s security got out and chased the very disappointed impostors from Lira up to Rushere town and advised them to travel back to Lira and blame whoever deceived and mobilised them to travel to Rwakitura Mzee’s country home under the false impression that they had an appointment to meet the big man of Uganda.

Some of the chased mobilisers kept claiming to security handlers that their sponsor had told them they had been cleared to attend church at Rushere with H.E and thereafter they would travel with him home at Rwakitura for lunch which was totally untrue. While travelling back to Lango, the very frustrated duped supporters went shedding tears, cursing and wondering how and why anyone would mislead them into such humiliation on a day when they are supposed to have stayed home and enjoy the festive season with their family members and relatives.

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