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TOP STORY: Woman Resigns After Winning Millions From Ai Fixed Games

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A woman working with one of the top NGOs in the country has left her position after winning over 300 million from Ai Fixed games.

The woman, whose identity has been concealed for security reasons revealed that she read the news of how people were testifying positively about the Ai Games, and without hesitation, she went for it.

“I saw people writing positive testimonies on social media, I searched them and immediately bought a Diamond package, I was contacted and my account opened, I accessed the games and staked under their instructions note. But after winning, I was asked to send back 20 million to the company, it was strange but after all, they did their part to make me win this money. I sent them the 20m, even on the second day, I won and still asked for a kickback but it didn’t bother me at all because everything looked so easy on my side,” she narrated.

“So after winning all this, why would I still stress myself monthly with reports when I can start a huge investment with this money, I tendered my resignation letter,” she revealed.

The AI Fixed games are games sourced directly by artificial intelligence systems making it so hard for a ticket to lose. This system looks into club by club situation.

They have categories from PlatinumDiamondGoldSilver and Bronze. Platinum is valid for a year and gives subscribers access to all the other packages and it has over odd 1000. Diamond has odd 500, gold has odd 200, silver has odd 100 and bronze is 50 odd.

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