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How Ugandan Businessman Lost Billions To Fraudsters, Recovered It In 2 Weeks

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A Ugandan businessman, whose identity has been concealed for security reasons is jubilating after recovering over 6 billion he lost to Real Estate fraudsters recently.

According to the wealthy businessman, he fell into the hands of these smart fraudsters who sold to him non-existing properties and later disappeared after receiving the payment.

He adds that he was on the verge of being lynched when he claimed to have paid for a certain property without clear documentation of the said site.

“Two weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook page about how I needed some good acres of land for factory construction. A few individuals approached me with proposals that were eye-catching, but I didn’t dig deep into the proposal they gave me. They even came to my place with pictures and measurements of the said property. I must say that I rushed to trust these guys without doing a background check on the properties. We went for inspection and everything was okay, I paid all the 6.4 billion they wanted and boom, they disappeared,” he narrated.

How he recovered the money

“After some good time looking for these guys, I realized that I was wasting a lot more on trying to chase for what wasn’t there, I sat down at home and thought of alternatives but I zeroed down to something strange since I was already stressed. I contacted the guys who sell fixed games. They explained to me what was needed but since I used to do it too, I knew that buying the fixed games and travelling out of the country to stake from another country would be the best option since there will be no win limit.

So I purchased the games and took a flight to Malaysia, where I camped for two weeks, during this period, I made over 10 billion in profits by betting on these games. Well, I had doubted the guys before paying the money but since they only needed 1 million for registration, I had no choice but to give in,” he explained.

“So I joined these guys and am now free again with my mindset. It’s one of the easiest ways of accumulating wealth but I wouldn’t recommend someone to join if you have not held a lot of money before that comes your way almost freely. It’s evil, that’s all I can say but if you are willing to try, here is the link