How Primary Teacher Won Over Shs50 Million From Fixed Games


A primary teacher in Hoima is over the moon after winning over Shs50 million from sports betting after staking on fixed games.

Isaac, a private teacher in one of the private schools in Hoima resorted to sports betting after failing to manage his financial situation due to low pay.

The father of 3 has been suffering financially and according to him, taking care of the family has been a huge challenge.

“I have been struggling financially and taking care of my family has not been an easy task given the fact that I was not earning anything big though I could try to do some extra work. I struggled for so long until one of my colleagues gave me a ‘take or leave’ advice to join sports betting as a source of income,” he narrated.

“I asked for guidance from him on how I was going to start with this strange activity, he briefed me and later helped me with some money as capital. He advised me to join the Uganda Bettors Association in order to be safe since I didn’t know anything. So, these guys added me to their special list of people who do not know how to bet and I was guided thoroughly every time I received fixed games,” he expressed.

“It has been win after win since I joined the fixed games and my story is now changed forever,”

Whoever is willing to join them, go to Uganda Bettors Association Website here

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