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How Poor Man From Bukedea Accumulated Over Shs500 Million In Less Than a Month

In December 2020, a man in the Eastern part of the country, Bukedea sold his Motorcycle (Bajaj) at Shs3.5 million to bet on the Champions League game between Bayern Munchen (Munich) against Atletico De Madrid.

With Bayern having an odd 3, the passionate punter expected a whooping Shs10 million, unfortunately, the game didn’t go his way. The motorcycle disappeared within a blink of an eye after the game ended in a 1-all draw.

However, losing this ticket was a head start to his financial journey after he was picked up by the Uganda Bettors Association.

He was given ‘a VVIP special treat’ and that was a start to his journey of financial happiness. After winning his first ticket, he thought of quitting but the winning was irresistible prompting him to become a permanent member.

“After losing my motorbike, I felt that was the end of my life, I felt like committing suicide, I felt like I was in a desert with nothing. But when I came out and revealed my story, these guys really helped me. I sold my bike stupidly and staked all the money, I lost everything! That was my only source of income that would take care of my family. These guys gave me a VVIP special treat where I was entitled to odd 20 daily, this helped me a lot, I was able to raise funds then I paid for fixed games. Now this is paradise!

When I bought my first car, I had to put a sticker for Uganda Bettors Association to show appreciation for what they did to me,” he narrated.

He encourages anyone who is willing to change his financial story to join them, regardless of the package, someone can make some profits.

“Anyone who is willing to join them, please do not hesitate, even if it’s ordinary, the tips are not bad, they are fair but if you have enough money, you can pay for fixed games that have no chances of losing,” he said.

When contacted for a comment, the Ag, Chairperson of UBA said that betting with them has become so easy in a way that, gamblers no longer have to scratch their heads on what team or option to bet on.

He says that packages with high winning chances have helped punters to regain all they have lost in betting.

According to him, ixed games is a package with ODDS ranging from 200 above and its where 90% of their subscribers fall. These games never lose.

Whoever is interested in joining should visit their website Uganda Bettors Association

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