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Drama As Angry Bukwo Residents Storm RDC’s Office With Dead Body

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BUKWO: Business in Bukwo town council in Bukwo district on Saturday  was paralyzed by massive protest staged by residents who are up in arms against the continuous killings of innocent people and theft of animals by the armed Pokot pastoralists of West Kenya.

The protests who started rocking the streets in Bukwo at around 6am ended at around 9am after Police and the army intervened to calm down the situation. The protestors carried a dead body of the  sub-county councilor by the names Victor to the office of RDC.

The councilor was shot dead by suspected West Kenya Pokot raiders who crossed and raided his 20 heads of cattle. Moses Cherop one of the residents said carrying their dead councilor to the office of RDC was the only option to show their disappointment by the failure of government in protecting the locals.

“We have lost many lives, and the animals and the soldiers deployed here seem to be no also doing much because these raiders cross from Kenya to Bukwo and drive away animals at their liberty,”he Said.

Mr. Edwin Yeko the district councilor Bukwo said the deceased has been one of the most hardworking councilor who could stand Infront to advocate better services to his people.

“Its unfortunate that our colleague has died in such a manner but we call governmnet to come for the rescue,”he said.

According Mr Edwin within one week, the raiders have stolen more than 200 heads of cattle and crossed with them to Kenya. Ms Ajilong the resident district commissioner Bukwo could not pick up our repeated calls to comment on the matter.

Godfrey Chemutai another resident shifted all the mess to their silence elected leaders both MPs and district whom he said they are only concentrating in their stomachs and family matters forgetting to fight for the people who voted them.

“2026 is not far we shall meet them, they will see that we have been in pain,”he said.

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