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Makerere Student Who Lost 10 Million To BLQ Jubilates After Winning 360Million

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A second-year student at Makerere University has shocked the world after winning over 360 million from Sports betting. Isaack Tumwine, who lost about 10 million to BLQ met his luck a few weeks after contacting the team that provides fixed games.

According to Isaac, he was convinced by a friend to join BLQ, after which it took al his money including tuition and the loans, he borrowed from friends for joining the BLQ.

“I struggled a lot, I was in hiding for close to a month because of the monies I borrowed from my friends for joining the other stuff but as I was hiding, I was asleep because I was always on my phone looking for ways of recovering this money. I said to myself that I lost this money online, I should recover it online! So, I bumped into stories of these guys who offer fixed games, I told them my situation and they assured me that they would help me get out of that pit,”-he narrates

“So they took me through the process of subscription, I subscribed and a few days later, I got the games. I staked with the small money I had, I won and put all that I won into the next games that I got and it was a huge success, I went with the money to these guys and they even joined too, right now they are the biggest boys in my town, this turned my stories within a flash of an eye” he added.

I thought it was a scam but on a second thought, I said, since I have lost a lot more than the 1 million they want for subscription, why not give it a try”

According to Isaac, one of the association members frequently travels to Malaysia to stake on these games since there is no stake limit in that country, so he gave him his stake too, and he sent him the winnings via bitcoin.

Any one willing to join, don’t think twice, this is a life-changing opportunity, and it can lift you within a short period, if interested click on this link here.


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