How Soroti Security Guard Won Over 80 Million From Sports Betting


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Isaac Okello, a security guard attached to one of the top private security firms in Uganda hit his target after risking his savings to buy fixed games from Uganda Bettors Association.

Okello says he has been reading successful testimonies of how people have been winning huge from this association and he decided to give it a shot!

“This is one the riskiest thing I have done in my life. Paying money to where no one knows where it goes, but I was somehow encouraged when so many stories used to pop up on my phone. I decided to go in after so many ‘self-meetings’. I got to the bank, withdrew my savings, and went straight to the website to make a subscription for fixed games. After the payment was made, I received an email. This gave me more hope. Later when they sent games with all the instructions, I staked but my body wasn’t at ease, I was so nervous but something in me said that this is going to work out, and indeed God answered my prayers. I won ” he narrated.

Okello who has now handed back the company equipment said that he wants to invest more into this business and later open up a huge investment that will last generations to come.

“I don’t see a reason to work. I have been struggling, the salary is 250k per month, what’s that? With all this money, do you still expect me to work? No! I just want to invest more into this game since it looks like it’s the easiest root of wealth. But as advised by the experts, it’s not safe since fixed games are illegal, so I have to look at where to invest.”

If you want to try your luck, go to their website here

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