Head Teacher Resigns After Winning Over Shs50 Million from Sports Betting


John Asiimwe, a primary headteacher based in Isingiro has left his teaching job after winning over Shs50 million from sports betting.

Asiimwe, who has been teaching in one of the local schools in Isingiro district met his luck after he risked his savings to purchase fixed games online. According to him, he had been reading so many different testimonies online and decided to go for it.

“I used to read testimonies about these guys, I never believed in them but I asked a few friends of mine who said that they have been hearing about hem too but never bothered to play their game, I contacted them online and immediately subscribed to their fixed game, 3 days later, I received the game with the instructions, I won 54 million, and I called it quits with my teaching career,” he narrated.

Asked if he would reconsider his decision, he affirmed that he is no longer interested,

“I have found a free money-making industry, why should I stress myself with something that gives me almost nothing at the end of the month? Come back and interview me after two months and see the progress I have made with these guys”-he stated.

“My friend, I have been betting for almost my entire life but the maximum amount I have ever won is 800k that was two years ago,” he said adding, “I thought these guys were scammers, but I realized that the more we stay without risking is the more we don’t grow stronger. I buried my fears and took a risk by paying the 1m subscription they wanted”

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