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TOP STORY: Rich Senior Kampala Citizen Tells Why Minister Mayanja Deserves To Be Castrated

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Apollo Kaggwa, a medical doctor who headed bank of Uganda medical department for more than 30 years, has declared war on lands Minister Sam Mayanja vowing to castrate him. Kaggwa says Mayanja got excited with cheap politicking and commanded a mob of no less than 500 goons to forcefully take over his farm and large piece of land in Kakunyu village in Wakiso district near Hoima road.

Kaggwa told a press conference in Kampala today that because of Mayanja’s violence, his more than 250 acres farm has been destroyed and take over by well known land grabbers who have their headquarters in Nansana. A tearful Kaggwa told reporters that he used his entire savings after serving Uganda as a doctor for 50 years to prepare that Kakunyu farm as his burial ground and retirement home. He is now 75 years and sickly because of the problems Mayanja has caused for him.

He explained that his Kakunyu farm is where he invested all his pension and the plan was to make it a model farm which his poor neighbors would use to learn modern farming practices. Kaggwa says that the few bibanja owners approached him and were compensated but the baferes based in Nansana took advantage of Mayanja being very excitable to manipulate him.

Kaggwa told reporters that when the baferes organized themselves and reported to him, Mayanja accepted everything he was told and based on it to begin tarnishing his name on his radio programs as a heartless land grabber which he is not.

Kaggwa said Mayanja never gave him any audience and just condemned him without knowing his side of the story. Kaggwa says Mayanja thought he was a Land grabber to be crashed and he used his office as the minister of Lands to direct the Wakiso RDC Justine Mbabazi and the other security agencies to chase him away from his land.

Kaggwa says he tried to go to Mayanja’s office to explain himself but the minister chased him away like a chicken thief. He refused to listen to him which encouraged the LC officials to grab up to 150 acres and sell it in small plots. Kaggwa says Mayanja used his ghost bibanja holders whose leaders have already promised to donate to him some of the land and the RDC Mbabazi also. Kaggwa says that Police reports had all along cleared him as the genuine land owner for Kakunyu village but Mayanja used the state House Anti-Corruption Unit of Brig Henry Isoke to intimidate the area Police.

The Mayanja problem covers three other villages like Mabongwe, Nsekwa and Musisu where the goons have grabbed land. Kaggwa also accused Mayanja of working with New Vision to misinform the public for propaganda purposes. He said that the picture which appeared on front page of Sunday Vision was misleading because that house was destroyed Mayanja’s goons and not him as was indicated in the news story.

Kaggwa said that Isoke’s men mistreated him a lot during their investigations to the extent that they carried out investigations minus hearing his side of the story. They wrote their report which proposed the taking away of his land yet he was never interviewed by the investigators.

Kaggwa says when they spoke to him, the state House Anti-Corruption Unit investigators demanded for his original land titles and not photocopies which made him scared concerned their intentions. Some of the goons have been going to the Lands Ministry to get titles but the Registrars have refused because the land belongs to Dr Kaggwa as was confirmed by Court.

Kaggwa said he was shocked last month when the Anti-Corruption Unit’s report was finalised and he was denied a copy yet he is an interested party. He says Mayanja used this same report to mobilise hundreds of ghost bibanja owners to take over his entire land last month even when security was present to prevent bloodshed.

He added that Mayanja’s goons have been destroying his crops apart from killing all his goats, chicken and fish ponds which have been looted clean. He also revealed thar he will be filing several court cases against Mayanja as a person unless he resigns. He said power had entered Mayanja’s head and accused the minister of shielding behind ghost bibanja owners to hide his real intentions. He said he will be demanding compensation of Ugx50bn from Mayanja personally.

Dr. Kaggwa said Mayanja has been spoiling his name. He also said he is starving and no longer has any money because Mayanja’s goons had destroyed his entire livelihood. He said before going to court he has already reported Mayanja to the President, Speaker of Parliament, prime minister Robinah Nabbanja and his boss Judith Nabakooba. He said Nabanja had created a special team to investigate the claims against Mayanja. He said when he met Nabbanja, the prime minister was surprised to realize Uganda still has such politicians who use their offices to mistreat senior citizens.

Kaggwa challenged Mayanja to a public debate for Ugandans to be able to understand who understands the land law and who doesn’t. He said he is so angry, he can even box or castrate Mayanja if he was to meet him. They last in December in Mayanja’s office where they quarreled from. He challenged the public to rally behind him because no one is safe with their land as long as Uganda still has ministers like Mayanja.

He said Mayanja should be politically castrated to save more land owners who may be the next to lose their land because of Mayanja’s excesses. Kaggwa revealed that because they have the full report, many in Police including the Deputy IGP Kasigazi know the full truth that the land is his except that they fear Mayanja. Kaggwa added that he had also reported the matter to presidency Minister Milly Babalanda because its her RDCs Mayanja has been using to intimidate land owners in different parts of Uganda.

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