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Angola Border Market Located In No Man’s Land Feeds Paidha Population

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By Hillary Alithum

Angola market that is located in “No man’s land “political border between Uganda -Alisi and DRCongo -Ambere borders is a centre of affinity to over 400 hundred farmers , vendors and community members because of the best ever wheeling and dealing accorded during sales of commodities .

This market that sites on about one acre of land , culturally owned by the people of Parombo Clan gained business momentum during the complete Lockdown of Uganda’s economy in 2020 as a mitigative measure to the surge of COVID 19 infections by restricting congregation in public places like markets, churches ,schools among others reciprocating into closure of business spaces within the urban and rural settings, the tough enforcement of Standard Operations Procedures and the consistency of unfashionable human demands of basic needs especially food items masterminded the existence of the present day Angola market with meritorious location where laws of the two countries bearly litigates on breach of standard operation procedures.

The market majorly handles agro produce such as fish , Cassava flour , tomatoes, cabbages ,onions ,palm oil among many other items . According to the narrative of a local leader from Warr – Palara – Azalama ,Mr.Orwinya Fastino said the market is under the management of their local chief of Warr who allowed his subjects to erect market stalls in the land to enhance revenue generation of the chiefdom through payment of market dues “this market helped us during the lockdown when Paidha main market was closed because of COVID 19 pandemic ,many of our people were buying food items from this market “.said Fastino .

This market now acts as a buffer to Paidha main market that hosts a population projection (by 2020 ) of over 37,500 people, availing the much needed commodities at cheaper prices from farmers who Trek from Democratic Republic of Congo to Angola market, forfeiting Paidha main market and dwindling local revenue generation for Paidha town council.
Mr.Masendi David, resident of Jupanyondo west village reiterated the benefits accrued from the market,”it has helped us to easily access foodstuffs because we buy directly from the farmers at cheaper prices compared to expensive retail vendors in Paidha main market”.

Most of the farmers from DR Congo who sell at Angola market argue that it’s nearer to them compared to Paidha main market ,where occasionally they are harassed by border security personnels and above all pay exorbitant market dues.

Ms.Ayiorwoth Esperance ,a farmer from Guna (DRC ) justified her preference to sell in the border market,

“I prefer selling in Angola market because my customers come to look for me here ,so I find no need of going to Paidha main market where market due collectors ,border security officers harass me and transportation costs are also high “.

Mr. Akenda Benson Ulama , Civics advocate alluded to inflated market dues levied on common peasant farmers by purported market Tenderers who lumpsumly exaggerate dues to exploit the ignorance of farmers ,”they demand new payments on remnants of goods that were previously paid so long as the farmer has come to the market hence fetching all the profits farmers are to get from their produce” Ulama said .

The mushrooming border and night markets along border points within Zombo and Nebbi districts are major sources of revenue for most local government administrative units, subsidizing the central government transfers to effect service delivery above all the insecurity threats along the porous borders endangers the economic viability of the border markets as many investors are always skeptical about available business ventures.

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