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Taliban Leader Expresses Frustration Over Lack Of Recognition

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In an audio message attributed to Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, he voiced his dissatisfaction with the world’s reluctance to recognize their authority in Afghanistan, saying that it does not happen because the world thinks that they took power by force.

Akhundzada stated that while they anticipate increased pressure from the international community and Muslim nations, a new era of governance in Afghanistan is being tested.


The Taliban released the voice note, alleging that Akhundzada delivered the address at an undisclosed gathering in Kandahar on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha.

Akhundzada emphasized their commitment to practicing Sharia law without compromise, asserting that no external power can obstruct their implementation of these rules.

Despite facing opposition from various groups, including Daesh and other military and political factions, Akhundzada claimed that there is no disorder or disobedience within the country against Taliban rule.

“Our legitimacy is challenged because we the world assumes that we acquired power through force. The world is being tested, and it is facing disgrace. Muslim nations are also being tested. We must remain resolute and steadfast,” Akhundzada asserted.

In a separate gathering at Arg in Kabul, several Taliban leaders discussed their plans for economic development and bolstering security in the country.

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Acting Chief Minister of the Taliban, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, stated: “We are actively engaging with countries around the world, regional stakeholders, and neighboring nations. Currently, we maintain political offices in 16 countries, and embassies have been handed over to us.”

The United Nations and other organizations have repeatedly expressed concerns about the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, citing economic hardships under Taliban rule. However, Taliban Deputy Chief Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar accused the world of spreading false information about the country’s economy and encouraging people to leave Afghanistan.

“Foreign interference is plaguing Afghanistan. By spreading rumors, certain individuals have misled people into believing that there are no job opportunities in Afghanistan, pushing them towards desperate measures,” Baradar stated.

“Contrary to these claims, there are employment opportunities and basic services available in Afghanistan. While it may not be ideal, the situation is not as dire as the world portrays it,” he added.

In contrast to the Taliban’s stance, former head of the reconciliation council, Abdullah Abdullah, used his Eid message to criticize the current economic challenges and humanitarian crisis in the country. He called on the international community to continue supporting the Afghan people.

The international community has consistently urged the Taliban to respect the rights of all individuals, including women and girls, to access education and work opportunities.

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