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Millions Of Cash That Families Of UPDF Officers Killed In Somalia Revealed

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A cloud of sorrow continues to hover above families of soldiers who lost their lives on 26th last month when Al-Shabaab shockingly attacked an African Transition Mission In Somalia (ATMIS) base manned by UPDF officers in Buulo -Mareer located 120Km South East of the Capital Mogadishu.

Caskets Of The 12 Soldiers Kiled By Al-Shabaab In 2015-FILE PHOTO

The 800 Al-Shabaab Terrorists out-numbered the UPDF soldiers and managed to destroy the base. Museveni attributes the attack on corruption, weak equipment, failure by the US and Turkey’s Drones not to act on time. The president also says the soldiers panicked and believes some were sent when not prepared for the mission or unfit for such battle line.


Two commanders have since been arrested and will be charged in the general court martial for their mistake during the attack.

“The mistake was made by two commanders, Maj Oluka and Maj. Obbo, who ordered the soldiers to retreat. They have been apprehended and will face charges in the Court Martial”-said Museveni

This is not the first time Al-Shabaab is attacking UPDF bases in Somalia, they’re have been quite a number of attacks done by the terrorists and UPDF soldiers have died the most recent one being in 2018 when 19 soldiers died, 12 Soldiers killed in 2015 and several other attacks since Uganda deployed in Somalia under AMISOM in 2007.

However the one of May 26th 2023 is the biggest attack with the huge number of causalities recorded.

Every time such attacks happen and soldiers are killed or injured, there’s some cash that the mission gives to families of the deceased or injured at compensation and the same will be done for the 54 soldiers who died during the May 26th attack last month.

For every soldier killed, their family gets $50,000 (UGX186 Millions) but some times families who lose their loved one’s at the frontlines in Somalia are given less than the amount stipulated and those who get injured get between $10,000 (UGX37million) depending on the degree of the injuries.

They’re also reports where soldiers who go for the Somalia mission take long to get their salaries and allowances. They even end up coming back from the mission when they’re still demanding.

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