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Karamoja Elders Urge New UPDF Boss To Cooperate

By Steven Ariong

MOROTO: A section of elders and Youth in Karamoja have welcomed the deployment of the newly appointed 3rd division commander Major Gen. Don Williams Nabaasa and urged him to be a listening commander not to be an errant commander.

They also welcomed the transfer of Brig Gen.Joseph Balikudembe who was 3rd division commander for close to four years since 2019.

R-L: RPC Francis Chemust, Brig Felix Busizoori, Brig Joseph Balikudembe  And Commissioner Erias Kasirabo Addressing Media-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

On Wednesday president Museveni who’s also commander in chief made the changes and sent  Brig.Joseph Balikudembe for a strategic course at the National Defense College Jinja.


Speaking to this website, Angura Apalokol an elder and resident of Kodonyo, proposes that the newly deployed commander should first call for a stake holders meeting to lay down strategies that will help to end criminality in Karamoja adding that the deployment of the new commander will add more energy on already the existing structures of peace in Karamoja.

“Although Brig Joseph Balikudembe he has been taken to school did his part and we have been working together with his deputy commander Brig Felix Busizoori and we have been heading towards ending this crisis”- Angura said

John Lokiru another elder says success will be felt if the commander chooses to take positive advise from both elders and other stake holders.

“We are ready to work closely with the new commander provided he’s approachable, listens and takes quick response”-Lokoru Advises

So far the region is registering some peace after the joint forces of UPDF and ASTU police made it hard for the rustlers to exist in the bushes

Brig Felix Busizoori the deputy 3rd division commander, calls upon the political leaders, religious leaders, elders and youth to work in hand to ensure that Karamoja enjoys  peace.

“Karamoja is part of Uganda which needs to be developed the same way other regions are developing but this can only be done if criminality stops”-says Busizoori

Brig. Busizori who has kept on preaching and urging Karamoja  parents to send their children to school in whatever gathering they go for peace says Karamoja is a rich region which riches can be achieved through education.

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