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ASTU Police Impounds Deadly Waragi Being Smuggled Into Karamoja.

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MOROTO: The heavy presence of Anti stock theft unit personnels is now being felt in Karamoja after the force managing to cut off the flow of deadly crude waragi which has been discovered to be the major killer and also the promoter of cattle rustling in Karamoja

According to Commandant of Anti stock theft Unit Commissioner Erias Kasirabo, the operations against the crude waragi started last year by 15th of May and the force has managed to impound 20,000 jerrycans worth 500,000 liters of waragi in Karamoja.

MAIIF vehicle Which Was Impounded When Loaded With Crude Waragi Enroute to Moroto- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Kasirabo says the supply of the waragi was being used as a dry ratio for raiders that motivates them to go and raid animals and commit other crimes under the influence of this alcohol.

This news site noted the recent incident where the force arrested a ministry of Agriculture animal and fisheries vehicle loaded with about 30 jerrycans of the waragi being taken to Karamoja.

“When we impound this waragi, we arrest the dealers and take them to court, where most of them have been remanded, we also destroy it in the presence of the public, media, local leaders after security court orders”-Kairabo notes

Dr. John Bosco Nsubuga the medical superintendent of Matany hospital says the crude waragi has claimed many lives since it destroys liver and kidneys.

“We have been registering a big number of people dying of livercyrosis caused by this waragi in the last five years but currently there admission has gone down may be cause of the effort by the forces to stop entrance of this alcohol in the region”-Dr Nsubuga reveals

Dr. Vincent Emuron the health officer in Moroto district says the rate at which the crude waragi has been killing people in the district was so high.

“People had started taking this waragi as tea and yet it’s something very dangerous”-Emulon says

On the side of controlling animal movement in and outside of Karamoja, Kasirabo says they have only gazetted one route for traders to use while transporting animals outside Karamoja.

He says the animals that are sold from the markets of Nakapiripirit,Amudat and Nabilatuk have to pass through Moroto instead of using Sironko- Mbale road.

Kasirabo further says the decision is to help the forces verify thoroughly the documents and skin of animals before they are allowed to proceed outside Karamoja.

While the animals sold from Markets of Kotido district will also pass through Moroto instead of Abim-Amuria to Soroti.

“We have sealed all the routes and any truck that will be got using ungazetted routes will be made to go back to Moroto whether he’s got in Soroti but he will have to drive back to Moroto,”he says

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