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TRENDING VIDEO: How Muhoozi Plans To Capture Power Using The Army

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In a trending video making rounds on social media, Ugandan soldiers holding guns are filmed boasting about how they’re trained to kill and destroy. These identify themselves as Team MK (Muhoozi Keinerugaba).

They are further seen speaking and revealing Museveni’s game in making sure that his son Muhoozi ascends to the throne he has occupied for over 35 years without any disturbances.

According to the laws of the land, the UPDF soldiers are not supposed to engage in politics but over time these continue to be active in politics at all levels. We have army representatives in parliament, others are appointed to positions and have become full time politicians.


In the  runner up to the 2021 general elections, Brigadier Sande Deus of Kasijagirwa Baracks in Masaka in a viral video openly said UPDF will not handover power to a civilian something that the army remained silent about until today.

In this video, a soldier who’s filmed speaking to his juniors reveals how the presidents son intends to capture power using the army and even when this will happy and whoever goes against this will be crashed.

“Now 2028,we shall officers who are special like you which we are doing now and deploy them to regions where they come from to begin what is called the MK project, you go against it, am telling you we shall crash you”-the soldier cautions his juniors.

Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba despite being a serving officer has made his intentions for presidency clear, but how and when remains a mystery despite talking of 2026. The presidents son seems too strong to the extent that the army can’t reprimand or even bring him to order and it seems he’s building his own army within UPDF.

He runs political rallies anytime, anywhere without and all these go uninterrupted unlike for political parties like NUP and FDC which end up in running battles with police robbing tear gas, water canons, live bullets just to disperse unarmed civilians.

The army remains silent on this viral video of junior soldiers on this viral video despite calls from Ugandans to have such soldiers punished for sentimental and tribal statements. Via his social media media pages, Bobi Wine says the tribalism, nepotism the soldiers are exhibiting is got from the training schools.

“How can they abuse and misuse our national army to this extent? We’ve been told repeatedly that this is what takes place in their training schools and now the evidence is out. The CORRUPTION! The NEPOTISM! The TRIBALISM! Fellow Ugandans, let’s not dispair. Freedom is in sight!”-Bobi Wine tweeted

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