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NAMISI BRUNO IGNATIUS: Why It’s Crucial To Involve Young People In Gov’t Programmes And Planning

The recent saga surrounding the theft of iron sheets meant for Karamoja sub-region is quite regrettable for us as a country, as well as those involved. I know that this scandal adds onto the long list of others in the country, some of which have been resolved, whilst others are still under investigation.

Based on the lens through which one wants to look at this particular saga of iron sheets, there are very many revelations that keep flowing out every minute. All these should help us draw lessons either way.

Moreover, I always try to look at the positive side of every story. From this particular one, I was lucky to hear some ministers confess that they donated the iron sheets to schools, including government owned schools.


Others donated to community projects like churches, mosques and so on. Whereas the action of taking the iron sheets in an unaccountable manner must be condemned, donating them for community development is worth celebrating.

The only question that may linger on the minds of some of the communities is the collections from fundraisings which are normally done at such community projects like churches and mosques! One would wonder, where does that money go, if we are getting donations from government, including Office of the Prime Minister? This question can be answered another day.

From the above background, I woke up recently, and tried to speak to a few of my kinsmen to try and convince them stand with one of our own, Minister Mary Gorette Kitutu, who is the key culprit in the saga.

I tried to mention the positives of her bad action, but, I was almost beaten for my suggestion. One of the angry people asked me to mention at least two of the culprits that received the iron sheets aged less than 35 years.

They tasked me to explain why there is no mention of any youth Member of Parliament as a beneficiary of the iron sheets; yet, these were targeting the “Karachunas”, most of who are youthful in age. They asked me whether I understood the fact that the youth form more than three quarters of the entire country, but, they are only remembered during elections!

The aforementioned action further opened my eyes as an advocate of youth empowerment. I have practically seen and had to contend with a few government officials decline meeting us, upon mention of anything to do with advocacy for the youth.

I have also heard many of them decry being ignored in various several government initiatives like Emyooga, and, now the Parish Development Model. I now mention it without fear to the concerned that this is very frustrating.

By this, I therefore implore all of us to involve the youth in government programs. Let’s support them, for we do not know when we shall need them.

Namisi Bruno Ignatius

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