Kapelebyong Leaders Decry Delay In Construction Of Dams

Karimojong And Turkana Pastoralists With Their Animals At Kobebe In Moroto-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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Story By Steven Ariong

KAPELEBYONG: Political leaders and residents of Kapelebyong district in Teso sub region  have decried the delayed construction of a community valley dams.

The government through ministry of water and environment released unspecified amount of amount of money for the construction of three valley dams in the district but residents  and their leaders say nothing is tangible yet.


Francis Akorikin the district chairperson Kapelebyong said the ministry of water engineers tried to do work on the two dams such as Odukul and Napak dam but failed to complete them since 2020.

He added that other dams such as Odimai which president museveni directed to be constructed has not been done yet 2026 general elections are at the corner.

“As the district chairperson i have failed to understand the truth from the ministry of water and environment, their engineers had promised to come back to us but now two years down the road nothing is on the ground,” says Akorikin

Akorikin however calls upon the ministry of water engineers to give information to the district about the status of the dams adding that people are now forced to share water sources with animals yet those dams would have helped them with water for their animals.

Karimojong and Turkana pastoralists watering their animals in Kobebe in Moroto last week (photo by Steven Ariong)
Karimojong And Turkana Pastoralists With Their Animals At Kobebe In Moroto-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Moses Odongo a resident of Odimai said they regret a lot voting for the NRM massively yet they haven’t benefited from the Museveni government.

“If we earlier knew that all will be empty, we would have resorted to voting other parties and remain without any project than voting the ruling party thinking it will deliver services to us,”Odongo says.

While Grace Achipa another resident says they would also be doing irrigation if those dams were completed.

“Right now there is draught and getting  greens and vegetables is difficult but if those dams were functioning, we would planting greens,”Achipa Laments

Patrick Okotel the Engineer in the ministry of water and environment in charge of Eastern region acknowledged the delay on the works but attributed to lack of funds and also insecurity caused by Karimojong rustlers that had frustrated the works

“We hope that by next month if the funds are available will be finishing those dams and install the solar system for the animals to drink water,” says Okotel

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