Emerging Cracks On Newly Constructed Moroto-Soroti Road Worries Motorists

Pedestrians Walk Along The Cracked Section of Moroto-Soroti Highway-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

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Story By Steven Ariong

Widening cracks on the newly constructed Moroto-Soroti road has created panic among the motorists who ply the said journey.

The road which was constructed by two Chinese contractors China communications construction company and China Railway Number three has neither made four years and nor even officially commissioned by the president but it has developed serious cracks.

The Shs300 billion mega road has developed major cracks around Lorengecora  trading centre and around Iriir trading center in Napak district. Other spots that have started giving ways including Nakicument and the areas of Morulinga in Kangole.


This has caused worries amongst the motorists operating Moroto; Soroti road of accidents to happen should government delays to repair the road. The road is the link between Moroto town and snakes through Lorengechora in Napak, Katakwi, Amuria to Soroti.

Moses Omoding a driver says the cracks are slowly widening especially at the road edges adding that should the rains return, cracks will be widen the more.

Pedestrians Walk Along The Cracked Section of Moroto-Soroti Highway-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

“The cracks are seen even when your driving at high speed I dont know how these people did the road,” Omoding said.

While Joseph Lokut another driver suggested that the commission of inquiry should be instituted to investigate the work done on Moroto-Soroti road.

According to Lokut even the road that connects Moroto to Nakapiripirit has serious cracks especially around hotel Africana in Moroto, Nadunget and Lokali on the highway to Nakapiripirit.

“By 2026 the road from Moroto to Nakapiripirit and Moroto to Soroti will be very bad if the relevant authorities delay to address the issues at hand”-Lokut advised.

Effort to get a comment from China communications construction company limited director failed as their known mobile phones were all out of use.

Allan Sempebwa, the Uganda National Roads Authority’s media relations manager, however said a team of UNRA’s technical expert will go and study the cracks soon.

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