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“Embrace Irrigation Systems To End Food Shortage In Karamoja”- Private Sector Boss To Gov’t

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Story By Steven Ariong

KARAMOJA: Director of Karamoja private sector promotion centre Jimmy Lomokol has assured government that Karamoja will continue depending on relief aid as long as the region still rely on the erratic rainfall.

Speaking to this website on Saturday  Lomokol said the only solution to end food shortage and hunger in Karamoja is by constructing an irrigation system that will cover the entre region.

According to Lomokol pulling water from lake Bisina in Katakwi to the tank on top of Mt Napak will distribute water to the entre Karamoja through out the year and people will massively cultivate food without fears of drying up.

“Karamija soil is so fertile but the only challenge is that it does not absorb water for long but if water is made available for agriculture, I can assure Karamoja can feed the entire country,”Lokomol advised.

Lomokol pointed out that that a lot of money is being used for building valley tanks which are not sustainable.


While Paul Lokol the district chairperson Nabilatuk district says hunger has taken drought as an advantage to kill people of Karamoja adding that if government could only construct an irrigation system, the region will be in position to grow food and feed on its people.

Farmers Who Benefited From Ecological Christian Organization In Nabilatuk District- PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

“What we have learnt as people of Karamoja is that some people in government are taking the situation that Karamoja people go through for their own benefits, because honestly if government was interested to find the last solution for the hunger in Karamoja it would have done irrigation system but because some people are using Karamoja as their eating plate it will take time for Karamoja to come out of hunger crisis,” Lokomol says.

Additionally, Francis Kiyonga the former district chairperson of Amudat said Karamoja region will continue experiencing hunger every year and people survive on NGO’s handouts as long there is no irrigation scheme to enable farmers to grow crops.

Last year Ecological Christians Organization (ECO) trained hundreds of farmers grow crops using small irrigation system.

Apparently most farmers who embraced the idea from the ECO are reaping from vegetable growing.

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