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DR LINDA LILIAN: End Time Love Affairs and a Remedy

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By Dr. Linda Lilian
Isaiah chapter 4:1 prophesies that “in that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing.”
The world today has rocked the feminist movement to a gear where women are ready to be the ‘maleness’ without being male. This has mushroomed an era of single mothers raising boy children who would rather depend on a woman than provide. Moreover these boy children are prone to commit the players offense and impregnate as many girls as they can, while not being supportive. The products of the girl empowerment and male dormancy movement, are also a bunch of low grade males, unempowered to become anything but women’s toys often falling prey to older women for cash.
Amidst all this is the growing hunger for women to retain their men and in that pursuit, provide for the hapless men even more than their mothers could.
It is worse, when the women and girls take the fight to the cat’s rear and have become passionate in destroying each other. While it is not new that women could fight over a man. 2023 in Uganda has begun on a new height with Nicole Pretty being thumped, Patricia in Kawempe burnt to death, Esther Kyomuhendo in Kanungu murdered. All these cases have a man lurking in them.
Questions arise. Have men become more precious, more than life itself. Are they scarce or are these women and girls emotionally untamed to manage the situation in a more humane way. 
In 2013 Bresin Konrad and Robbinson Michael pointed out that higher levels of trait anger were predictive of worse motor control. When emotions are out of control the body’s reaction is at its worst which leads to irredeemable actions unless a level of restraint is made.
For some, childhood training and psychosocial grooming creates the required restraint.  For others, christian practice helps and for some, having the right peers or counsel helps.  This would be the thought for the girls, women, boys and men having to face the relationship pattern.
Having a level of self control, that prevents crimes of passion and those of lust. And being able to take responsibility for every action produced by one’s actions; is a vital skill and effort that is required.
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