OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: When Politicians And Scientists Conspire Together To Push Their Respective Agendas


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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

When I joined Busoga College, Mwiri in 1966 for my Senior One Education, one thing I learnt from my Physics teacher, a Briton,, which has stuck in my head, was “To every Action there is a Reaction”. Then later in the same year, I heard my Christian Religious Education teacher, another Briton, say, “God is Good All the Time”.

As I went on learning, I learnt that “Everything Has a Good and Bad Side to It”. However, when politicians and institutional scientists push their agendas – separately or jointly, they don’t balance good and bad in their decisions, choices and determinations. It is worse when both of them are congruent in their decisions, choices and determinations.

You will only hear the good and there will be conspiracy over the bad to exclude it from consideration. Silence will reign. We saw this during the Covid 19 Pandemic in Uganda. Scientists and Politicians never contradicted each other when their joint decisions were bad and wrong.

They had to be right. The victims were Ugandans. The worst sufferers were our children who were forced out of school for two years as if the disease was against them primarily.
They have again conspired to deny our children completion of the curriculum, this time because of Ebola.

Because of their high immunity and favour from God and Nature children suffer least from pandemics and epidemics . Education can be used to protect them alongside God and Nature, but when politicians conspire with scientists to achieve their aims, and both have their characteristic power, alternatives don’t matter.

I have heard that in Kenya President Ruto is pushing hard to ensure that the hapless Kenyan farmers are forced to grow GMOs, ostensibly to improve production. A professor of Biotechnology at Kenyatta University has told Kenyans that they need not worry about GMOs; that they are good because they have a certain good side to them. He does not talk about the bad side of GMOs.

Obviously it is a conspiracy between the Professor and his team, President Ruto and Mossanto, the corporate pusher of the GMOs Scientists who live by GMOs as a career booster have pushed so hard to institutionalize them. We in Uganda are still lucky because our President hates GMOs.

He has not conspired with scientists against the natural food chain of Ugandans, although he loves scientists (natural) more than he loves the arts and social science knowledge workers. How much more will he hold on. Supposing we get a Ruto like President in Uganda won’t we go the Kenya way?
For God and My Country.

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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