By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

Uganda: Sons of political heavy weights have died under mysterious circumstances. From Sir Rich Kaijuka’s to Balibaseka Bukenya’s to Haji Abdu Naduli’s. Can the Country’s crime investigative arm establish any thread of truth that there is well-planned criminal action against some political families where political inheritance is being institutionalized.

Both Sir Rich and Bukenya refused to accept what investigators of crime said they had found out about the deaths of their children. What did the firebrand politician, Naduli say during his recently fallen son? Mysterious deaths of sons of heavyweight politicians are not the only ones that have caused a lot of concern among Ugandans.

There have been a long chain of mysterious deaths of big people, including Sheikhs, all chronicled in our print media over decades. Investigations have revealed nothing or are continuing. It is much easier to explain the deaths of victims of road accidents, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Covid 19 and Ebola Zaire or Ebola Sudan.

I have heard the latter two being explained by free-flow of refugees into Uganda from DRC and South Sudan, and of UPDF soldiers in and out of DRC at one time or another. But explaining is not necessarily towards the truth.

The truth may continue to lie somewhere else. One time the Catholic Church explained that it was the Sun which moved around the Earth. And when in the 17th Galileo Galilei explained that the opposite was true, he was excommunicated from the Church, confined to his house for some years (making him a prisoner because of his scientific truth) only for the Church to accept in 1993 that he was right and reinstate him in the Church posthumously.

It is true the truth sets one free as Jesus said, but where lies are institutionalized and divinised as business as usual, the truth can imprison or be excluded as much as possible! This way truth is cast as a lie and a lie cast as truth and the world and its people continue to fall under the grip of the devil.

The devil’s advocates and agents continue to be in control on his behalf. The devil must be banished from the earth in general and Uganda in particular? It is an uphill challenge. Everything is possible with God.

But Jesus warned that the devil would whitewash himself and cast himself as an angel of light. So would his agents project themselves as angels of light. We would need the Holy Spirit to help us between the good and bad angels.

For God and My Country.

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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