News on the move indicate that Museveni’s top minister survived death after being attacked by unknown assailants as she was heading home from parliament.

The minister who’s still thanking God for saving her life is Persis Namuganza who’s the legislator representing the people of Bukono in Namutumba district. Namuganza is also Museveni’s state minister for Lands, Housing and urban development.


A visibly terrified Namuganza while narrating her ordeal to the media today says the incident happened yesterday at around 7pm at Bukoto traffic lights when the assailants riding on a motor bike smashed her vehicle with a blunt object but fortunately her guards were ready and managed to repulse them.

Namuganza further says her guards managed to fire shots but they didn’t take down any of the assailants who escaped through the Kisassi road. Kiira road police reacted swiftly to come to the minister’s rescue.

She has since informed her boss the president and also reported to police which has since mounted search for the assailants and also kicked off investigations into the matter.

This comes at the backdrop of growing reports that speaker Anita Among’s life is in danger. Police is investigating the matter and her Body guard has since fled the country to the US.

Attacks on prominent by men riding on motorbikes have been on the rise over the years since 2014 where several Muslim clerics were shot, Afande Felix Kawesi killed in the same areas of Kisassi. Many other people like Kirumira, Joan Kagezi, Muhammad Kigundu, Ibrahim Abiriga and others have met their deaths the same way.

The latest victim of the men riding on motorbikes is works Minister Gen Katumba Wamala who survived death with injuries last year on 1st June but his daughter and driver were killed.