President Museveni has refused having directors and their deputies at KCCA who are chosen through politics. Museveni has written a letter to bosses at KCCA and the ministers concerned stating that people who want to become directors or deputies should apply and pass through interviews because it’s different from being RDCs who are chosen on political loyalty.

The president has directed public service to conduct a clear process which is transparent so that KCCA gets the best bosses to serve as directors and deputies. These are good jobs which earn them a lot of money in salary and allowances. Museveni had realized from his security forces that some ministers wanted to put their former campaign managers and political opponents so that they are safe for 2026.

The other reason why Museveni wants public service is because he wants to frustrate ministers and some officials in KCCA who had received big sums of money from those acting as directors and deputies in order to get them jobs at KCCA.

Available reports show that some of the insiders wanting jobs have each been paying 200m to be helped to get appointed by the President to serve as confirmed directors and deputy directors. Many of these posts are right now vacant because those who were substantive directors left because of age or after Museveni refused to renew their contracts.

As of today many of those acting as directors and deputies are supposed to be managers and the bad news for them is that even after paying 200m each they have not been short listed by public service because they have been found not to be very good.

This means they will stay as managers and supervisors as new directors and deputies get recruited through public service as the president directed. Failure by acting directors and deputies to be shortlisted by public service has put ED Dora Kisaka and her deputy David Ssali Luyimba in big problems because the disappointed managers think they didn’t do enough to help them to get shortlisted for promotion and confirmation as directors or deputies.

This explains why the two are going to be subjected to a lot of intrigue going forward because they are now serving the last year of their contracts which the president will be renewing in September 2023.

Some of the disappointed acting directors and deputies have become very rich because they have been making money from dirty deal while acting. Some of the middle level managers loyal to the two ED and DED are being fought as a way of isolating the two principals and weakening them.

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