By Alaba

Who would not want to be in the good books of the king? To find favor in the eyes of the king is even biblical and now Jennifer Bamuturaki is among those who found that favor. Are we envious or there is something deeper.

In history even the great John.F. Kennedy did appoint his own brother Robert.F. Kennedy as the Attorney General in 1961. Robert did not even have the experience but he soared once appointed. Perhaps John knew the capabilities of his brother.

So what is hurting us as Ugandans regarding Jennifer Bamuturaki’s fortune?

The cash: That someone earns 87 million Ugandan shillings during a recession and for an airline that is making losses.

The method of appointment: Is it the Kingly appointment that is democratically unclean – stirring the discomfort. After all some worthy Ugandans had applied.

The uncertainty on qualifications: So we wonder what can a Social Scientist like Jennifer Bamuturaki is doing heading a transport technological path. She is certainly not an Anne Rigail who took on the reins of Air France in 2018 holding qualifications from Mines Paris Tech University, worked in customer service and became a director of passengers and baggage connections among other things.

Jennifer is a supposed to be a graduate of Social work and Social Administration Makerere University but we are yet to confirm when she proves it. She also has vast experience in marketing and sales. She is also trained in revenue management. Perhaps this is a moral inclination to becoming a CEO of an airline rather than a revenue officer.

What do we know – Allen Kagina a Psychology Graduate and Public Administrator transformed the Uganda Revenue Authority into an outstanding organization even if she was not qualified in Business or Finance administration. We continue to anticipate her progress in the Uganda National Roads Authority.

For Bamuturaki Jennifer COSASE has brought the series of scrutiny on her and we cannot wait for the next episode. It’s like her name would say – ‘Bamuturaki’. In Rutooro the name means ‘why are they so opposed to her.’ And now it has come to pass; as we – Ugandans absorb the dilemma and wag our tongues.

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