COSASE Boss Joel Ssenyonyi

Members of Parliament in Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (COSASE) headed by the member of parliament for the Nakawa West constituency in Kampala Joel Ssenyonyi have been shocked by salary disparities at Uganda Airlines.

According to the COSASE boss Joel Ssenyonyi the Uganda Airlines CEO earns 87m, Chief Financial Officer gets 73 m, Manager Finance earns 58m. Director maintenance earns  80m and others like Manager IT gets 36m, Human Resource earns 43m, Manager Cargo 14m as well as Quality Assistant gets 43m.

However, MPs on the committee say that they are not against the salary of the Pilots, but asked Uganda Airline officials to explain why the Airlines which is making loses (160bn) a year is paying managers and directors exorbitantly with the CEO earning UGX87.

While appearing the COSASE committee the CEO Uganda Airlines Jennifer Bamuturaki revealed that they are currently reviewing these salaries.

Uganda Airlines CEO Jennifer Bamuturaki also shocked the committee when she revealed that she was not among the 40 Ugandans who applied for the job because “on the day she was going to apply, that is when she was appointed. Bamuturaki made this revelation after being quizzed on how she got appointed as Aide to the acting CEO and yet she had no appointment letter and was not being paid a salary. The committee also questioned how she rose from Aide to CEO.

According to Herbert Kamuntu the Uganda Airlines board member, When Uganda Airlines advertised for the position of CEO, at least 40 Ugandans applied. However, following a presidential directive to appoint Jennifer Bamuturaki, the whole process was halted

Joel Ssenyonyi tasked Uganda Airlines to come up with a staff structure within one month stating that says this is how the Airlines will know who is needed and who is not.

However, the Airlines had asked for end of year to develop one.