It remains a mystery how the tough talking UNATU leaders changed their tone on the cause of action that has seen arts teachers stay away from schools for three good weeks while pestering government for a pay rise.

Me and you thought a deal will first have to be reached, put in writing before teachers get to classes, but ‘Uganda olemwa’ it’s not what happened, it only needed President meeting these vocal leaders who had sworn upon the living God not to return to classes without their salaries being enhanced.

After their first meeting end with nothing on table, UNATU were instead sent threats by the Ministry of public service, several ministers in the Museveni government like Premier Robinah Nnabanja, Janet Museveni, Chris Baryomunsi who even ordered RDCs, police, CAOs to arrest striking teachers.

However, government would later succumb to pressure and call teachers for talks after they still failed to come to a conclusion with vice president Jesca Alupo, sighting some gullible ones, they were instead invited to Kololo for a one on one talk with president Museveni who insisted Scientists first.

By the end of the Kololo meeting which Museveni summoned together with his wife who is also the minister for education, UNATU leaders looked possessed with that Pentecost like spirit and they started speaking in tongues, changing their tone from no money, no returning to classes to calling Museveni their father who should listen to them and be merciful to the pleas.

We bring you how Museveni tactfully manages to even turn a Leopard into a mere rabbit and stops it from roaring. We all know money is the route cause of all evil, so it’s not new that word on street indicate that some top UNATU bosses received some fat envelopes prior to the Museveni meeting.

These envelopes never disappoint, they reportedly softened their tongues and changed their stance on the noble cause of having teacher’s salaries enhanced like that of their science counterparts who will effective this month start taking home a whooping UGX4m.

Even when government insisted it’s committed to enhancing salaries of it’s public servants without even promising when the arts teachers will match the same line with the science teachers in terms of a fat pay, UNATU leaders agreed in unison to call off the strike without much on the table to benefit the teachers.

Even when he was giving an update to the teachers to return to classes tomorrow, Filbert Baguma the UNATU secretary General denied anything to do with money exchanging hands but they decided to end the strike for the good of the innocent children who have suffered the wrath of the striking teachers.

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