The karamoja warriors have reportedly killed another man in Napak district as insecurity in the area remains unstable following president Museveni’s trip to the area two weeks ago.

The has been identified as Okwi Solomon 29 years old, a resident of Ariamet village, Acucudu parish, Apaitolim sub county in Napak district.

According to our correspondent in Napak district Raymond Okello, Okwi met his death when he moved out to check on his kraal after his wife who had moved out for a short call informed him that a man was standing near their other house.

Upon moving out where approached the stranger who failed to identify himself but instead  grabbed him by the hand, took him to where other warriors were who beat him, pierced him spears to death.

Okwi leaves behind 6 children already schooling with one in primary six, one in primary three and two in primary two at Acucudu community primary school.

Acucudu Community Primary School

There has been renewed fighting between UPDF and the Karamoja warriors since last year and several people have lost their lives as the army fights to disarm rustlers and restore peace.

The rustlers killed an ISO operative prior to president Museveni’s visit to Karamoja but they still dared the president when they killed a boda boda rider two kilometers from the Morulinga state lodge where Museveni was giving out goats to former rustlers.

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