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When Bad Black ascended the throne of theft, she had smartly stashed 11 billion Ugandan shillings from her lover Greenhalgh. After defrauding Greenhalgh’s Daveshan Development Company Ltd, between September 2010 and May 2011 she served 4 years in prison and never refunded the billions.

Then Hamis Kigundu played one on Diamond Trust Bank when he got clarity that legally the 41 billion Uganda shillings loan, he had got from Diamond Trust Bank Kenya with the help of Diamond Trust Bank Uganda could be annulled because Diamond Trust Bank Kenya did not have a license to operate in Uganda.

The Ugandan courts ably managed the case, and he did not have to clear his end of the bargain. Though its noted Diamond Trust Bank had made undetected deductions from his account as well which led to his reaction.

Prophet Kakande in 2021 with the help of the Ugandan legal system pulled one on Gebre Yohanne Guangal, a Swedish National who had hoped to have a joint venture with him in 1993 and gave him 1 billion Uganda shillings with the hope of having a bakery and stone quarry business.

Land was even purchased on which Prophet Kakande’s investments stand today and the bakery burned down mysteriously. When Gebre attempted to sue Kakande in 2021 the Ugandan Commercial Court dismissed the case without allowing him to present his evidence.

Kakande’s lawyer put up an argument that even cited the fact that Kakande had simply utilized his land and developed it when the investor did not act on his word to set up the factories. The Judge handling the case cited that Gebre had made a mistake when filing the case and dismissed the case based on that.

The most recent marvel is Patrick Bitature’s vs Vantage, where Vantage accuses Business Mogul Patrick Bitature of trying to use the Ugandan law to annul the $10,000,000 loan he got and has not paid back.

Because loan interest was never cleared the loan has bulged to $ 34,000,000. Now the Ugandan law comes in to allege that Vantage was not registered in Uganda and therefore does not have the capacity to sue.

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