If you’re on social media, you must have come across a section of Ugandans not happy with president Museveni over his statement where he told Ugandans who can’t afford bread to resort to cassava. He was reacting to the high prices of commodity products like wheat, cooking oil, soap among others at Kololo during labor days celebrations.

“Africans really confuse themselves….If there’s no bread, eat cassava. I don’t eat bread myself. The issue of skyrocketing commodity prices like petrol, fertilizers is man made is man made by our friends in Europe”- Museveni advised

President Museveni is not the first one to advise Ugandans like this in the wake of hiked prices of commodity products. Prime Minister at one moment told Ugandans who can’t afford soap, to use pawpaw leaves which was re-echoed by the finance minister Matia Kasaija.

Museveni’s statement of cassava was the last nail in the coffin of Ugandans who were hopeful of a lasting solution or a statement of hope from the country’s fountain of honour in regards to the hiked prices of commodity products.

His statement is not different from one said by a Queen in France around May 1789 preceding to the famous French Revolution which ended an arrogant and dictatorial regime of King Louis XVI. During the first weeks of May 1789, while reacting to the high prices of Bread by the French, Queen Marie Antoinette boldly told them “If you can’t afford Bread, try cakes”.

This statement sparked protests because the queen suggested something whose price was higher than what they couldn’t afford. History Students will add on my write up on this. The only difference with the one of Museveni is that he suggested something cheaper than Bread because he says himself is a fan of cassava not bread. But the statement has left many Ugandans wondering why instead of suggesting solutions, the president opted to mock them. Look at the reactions below.

What’s your reaction to the President’s advise of shunning bread and eat cassava if bread is expensive?

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