Gen David Sejjusa who in 2013 revealed a secret plan of Museveni grooming his son to take over from him in this Banana Republic in a letter he sent to the Daily Monitor and the Red Pepper in what he termed as the Muhoozi project is yet to come to terms that what he revealed is coming to pass.

The Chief Museveni spy would later flee to exile in London for fear of being prosecuted and even lost his parliamentary seat where he was representing the army. But he would later come back to the country probably after making terms with his boss Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.

However, what he wrote that caused panic and even led to the censoring of the Nalukolongo based Monitor Publications and Namanve based Red Pepper publications seemed to have been a prophesy coming true process by process going by the way events are unfolding when the president indirectly endorsed his son into active politics even before he retires him from the army.

Sejjusa is not happy with some Muhoozi team members who provoked him that he will salute Muhoozi as Uganda’s president and Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, this didn’t leave Sejjusa happy and he has questioned through his twitter account that “How does insulting a Four Star General&uttering profanities advance MK’s cause?”

This comes at the back drop of a hyped Muhoozi birthday that took place at Lugogo cricket oval and also at state house with more other activities going on to keep the vibe of the Muhoozi hitting the ground for presidency soon.

Sejusa has already warned Ugandans against embracing Museveni’s Son and also commander land forces for presidency to instill a Museveni Dynasty [Read Story Here]

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