Well for the entire now two weeks, fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah has been dominating the news headlines and he continues to dominate until he’s put to his final rest in Omoro next week and alot has been said about him and memories that sound too fresh in the minds of Ugandans.

His father claimed his son was poisoned, Acholi MPs and even the Acholi paramount Chief also questioned the circumstances surrounding the death of their gallant son but their fears were quickly arrested by government which insisted Oulanyah died of natural causes and president Museveni would later order his police to arrest whoever thought otherwise.

A group of MPs hailing from the Northern Uganda regions of Acholi, West Nile and Lango even suggest that the vacant position of Speakership be reserved and ring fenced for their region and even threatened not to take part in the speakership elections. Boom the NRM CEC where Oulanyah was a member as Vice Chairperson northern sat and endorsed Anita Among.

President Museveni invited them for a talk and they abandoned their demands and suggestions and they would be seen taking part in the speakership elections held at Kololo on 25th March.

However, this article is not about who voted and who didn’t vote, we stem our analysis from the 2016 speakership elections where Oulanyah battled with Kampala central legislator Muhammad Nsereko and even in the 2021 speakership elections where Oulanyah battled his former senior Kadaga.

The Acholi MPs have shown so much Love for their own and have even been allocated Money on the budget for his burial but they didn’t portray the same when he was still alive. We shall in this article point out two vocal MPs who de-campaigned his bid for speakership and have been vocal since his death.

It’s said from the corridors of power that during Oulanyah’s bid for speakership last year, his very own never stood by his side and even ran for his opponents like Kadaga and Ssemuju Nganda and only 8 legislators were visible during his bid for speakership.

A case in point Kilak South legislator who has been vocal since Oulanyah died, he supported Kadaga tooth and nail but he was the first to push for the ring fencing of speakership for his region northern Uganda.

The second one is former Aruu county MP Odonga Otto who during the deputy speakership elections in 2016 opted for Muhammad Nsereko and even said he rather votes for a dog than voting Jacob Oulanyah whom he accused of not being a good person.

When asked who he will be voting for speakership and deputy speakership by then NBS journalist Joseph Sabiti, Odonga Otto revealed he would vote for Kadaga if opposition doesn’t offer a candidate and for deputy speaker he would vote for Nsereko if Nsereko pulled, he would vote for a dog.

“I have made up my mind and for the position of the speaker i will vote for Rebecca Kadaga if the opposition doesn’t offer another candidate. For the deputy speaker, i will vote for Nsereko Muhammed, actually if Nsereko Muhammed steps down and a dog is standing with Oulanyah Jacob, i will vote for the dog” said Odonga Otto

When Journalist asked him why he would opt for the dog instead of his own from Acholi land, Odonga said Oulanyah deserved not even to be Deputy Speaker even for a single day.

“Because he does not deserve to be in that office, even for one day and he even rigged elections:-. said Otto

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