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TOP SECRETS: Tearful Bobi Wine Blasts SMACK Headteacher For Targeting His Son In Marijuana Allegations

Bobi Wine And SMACK Headteacher Bro Deodatti Aliganyira

Last month news made headlines in Uganda how Bobi Wine’s elder son had been caught with drugs and a lighter in his suitcase and subsequently suspended from school for two weeks to serve his punishment.

However, if you remember very well it was the head teacher of the school Brother Deodati Aliganyira who was quoted confirming the reports to media and Bobi Wine never said a word on the issue as a parent for reasons better known to him.

In yesterday’s parent’s meeting which took place at school, Bobi Wine used the chance given to him during the questions session and poured out his heart to the head teacher and the entire school administration which he says stooped too low in targeting and victimizing his son over unfounded claims which they failed to provide evidence to.

Bobi Wine, who says he’s not an OB of SMACK but his late father and grand father are is terribly not happy with the school in particular Brother Deodati Aliganyira who opted to take his son’s issues to the media. He further says his son was blocked from standing for an elective post because he is not a sharp student and also a celebrity student which puts his opponents in an unfair competition.

Bro Deodatti Aliganyira SMACK headteacher- COURTSEY PHOTO

He says even him as a parent had equally been subjected to stigma by the school whose top management always prevailed on him to stay away from the school functions for fear that he will attract “unnecessary attention” to which he agreed to stuck to by staying away but was appalled when the same headteacher spoke to the media justifying the two weeks suspension of his son from the school over Njaga claims.

It was during the same parent’s meeting that Bobi Wine revealed how the head teacher for reasons known to him

“The reasons why i had come to that meeting because i had been informed by you Mr. Head master that my child had been found with drugs in this school, when i asked the young man he said he would be ready to take all the responsibility and repercussions but he mentioned that the dormitory is filled with CCTV cameras all over, he challenged the disciplinary committee Mr Headmaster that if they provide the footage, he was ready to take every kind of punishment, incidentally when the school administration checked, the camera had been disconnected a day before”- said Kyagulanyi as parents cheered him up

The headmaster confirmed to Bobi Wine that indeed the cameras go faulty and that day they were faulty to which Bobi Wine questioned the ability of the school to keep their children safe even in bigger emergencies like school fires.

“It was your submission Mr. Headmaster that yes you did not have any facts in the presence of my wife, the deputy headteacher and the school lawyer that indeed you didn’t have facts that that boy was not being set up, however, you requested us to understand and agree on a mutual ground it would have been double standards if my son was not suspended yet others are suspended even when there was no core facts, in the face the young man was neither guilty nor innocent according to you and was there in between we submit to that for the good of the school”- Said Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine’s revelations has instead raised eye blows on St Mary’s College Kisubi one of the best catholic schools on how it handles matters with such disturbing happenings and in the end Bobi Wine demanded and apology from the headteacher for soiling his name and that of his son.

“It was therefore very unfortunate that after those two weeks even when that young man was innocent for as far as evidence is concerned it was quoted that the headmaster of SMACK gave an interview confirming that my son was found with drugs, that was damaging the future of my son, it was damaging to my personality “- Bobi Wine bitterly hit at the headteacher



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