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NUP’s Ssenyonyi And Tebandeke Confirmed By Court Of Appeal

At the Court of appeal sitting in Kampala where several members of parliament are battling election petitions against their competitors stemming from last years general elections, some have started smiling after court confirmed them as dully elected Members of parliament.

The court of appeal is the final step some one not convinced with Electoral Commission can go and once you loose the petition, that’s the end you only have to wait for the next general elections, a by election if the sitting MP dies.


National Unity Platform spokesperson is smiling ear to ear after the court  dismissed an appeal petition filed against him by Shukra Mukesh who challenged Ssenyonyi’s victory of Nakawa west, Mukesh lost in the high court and appealed.

He has lost the appeal on grounds that he filed the petition late. The court of appeal henceforth confirmed Joel Ssenyonyi as the duly elected Member of parliament representing Nakawa West.

The other NUP legislator is Bbale county MP Charles Tebandeke whose victory was also being challenged in the court of appeal by NRM’s Ronald Mayiteki Mukasa who later withdrew the case and court confirmed Tebandeke as the dully elected MP representing Bbale County.

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