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IGG Probes Oulanyah’s Obscene Funeral Cash Bonanza

The Inspector General of Government Beti Olive Kamya has vowed to probe what she has called obscene expenditures ear marked for the the send off of the former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who died from the US 11 days ago.

Her comments come at a time when Ugandans were questioning the high expenditure meant to cater for all the activities included in the send off of Oulanyah. Initially it was UGshs2.5 Billion but later ministry of finance trimmed it to UGshs1.8 Billion but still the IGG sees it’s still much.

There was also another cash bonanza which was exposed by the Pader Chief Administrative Officer who had ordered all sub counties to contribute UGshs300,000 and Town Councils UGshs500,000 towards the burial of Oulanyah yet government budgeted for everything. However the CAO Alex Cherimo later retracted his order.

According to Betty Kamya the IGG, not even the deceased Oulanyah would have loved to see officials swimming in cash with extravagance and bonanzas arising from the death of a government official.

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